should I take RM03's ?

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Fri Apr 5 22:51:46 2002

Gooijen H wrote:

> Hi all.
> I need some advise.
> In 3 weeks time Edward and I drive to Italy (some 1100 km)
> to pick up several PDP-11/70 parts.
> I have the oppertunity to drag 2 RM03 massbus drives and
> some packs back home. ...
> Are they worth preserving? Or should I leave them where they are?
> Next to the 11/70 is looks great (IMHO) but I would love to hear
> some opinions from other collectors.

Absolutely! A nice collection really needs one of those drives
that look like top-loader laundry washers and have drums as big as
those. I just passed on one RP07 because it only was the size
of an American laundry washer but not a removable drum. I think
the RM03 comes closest to my romantic image of that top-loader.
I probably will never have one, but will stick to RA60s (I just
love RA disks and only need a 7x and a 60 to have the complete
series 60, 81, 82, 90, 92, 7x.) I already know where the RA60 will
go. Top-loader removables are just great and if you have a
truck and drive 1100 km for other stuff, by all means take
them too!!!


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