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Date: Sat Apr 6 13:36:24 2002

 They had a common origin in GEM 1.2. The ST GEM ran on top of TOS.
The guy who wrote it for DRI (Lee Lorenzen) was one of the Xerox Parc
people who really developed the GUI as well as mouse usage. Jobs
glommed his Mac ideas as well as numerous coders from Parc and then
sued DRI for copying the Mac. He won and DRI was forced to cripple later
versions and never marketed it very seriously even tho it preceded Windows.
 For some reason Apple didn't go after the ST or Ventura Publisher which
used GEM. Lorenzen was one of the founders of Ventura.


> And thusly Curt Vendel spake:
> >
> > Don't forget Diamond which is a GEM TOS "look-alike" version designed for the
> > Atari 8bits which original came on disk and then came on Super Cartridge
> > format. Designed by Reevesoft.
> >
> Does the GEM TOS have any relationship to the GEM OS that was available
> for the PC? (Other then name)
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> Bryan
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