BA23 vs. BA123 vs. 42" cabinet?

From: Doc <>
Date: Sat Apr 6 16:14:54 2002

On Sat, 6 Apr 2002, Andreas Freiherr wrote:
> in a 42" unit rack, the term _Micro_VAX wouldn't quite correctly
> describe the machine.

  My sentiments exactly, but that's what the badge says....
  The thing dwarfs my washing machine.

> Looks OK. However, you should be able to omit the DMV11 if you don't
> actually want to use it: the DEQNA and DELQA are dual-width modules, so
> each of them will nicely fit into the A/B alots without touching the C/D
> interconnect.

  I know you can run dual-heght boards in the A/B slots, but what about
cooling? My MV-II has a couple of black plastic dummies in the C/D side
that I assumed are for airflow direction. If those aren't strictly
needed, that would simplify things somewhat.

> Without actually adding up the power requirements: You should be able to
> run a RD54 _and_ a TK50 in the same box. Many MicroVAXes were configured
> that way. Even if the KA655 uses significantly more power than the
> KA630, you will most probably be safe because you don't have too many
> modules in the bus.

  Well, I need the RX50, and there are only 2 drive bays. I'll probably
run remote filesystems either way.

> > And, if I want to run the second backplane and extra drives, can I
> > just stack them?
> You can, but wouldn't it then be easier to use a BA123 right away? It

  2 BA23s is still smaller than a BA123. They'll stack on top of the
existing BA123 easier than another BA123, too. ;)

> Must be a very small office.

  The "office" is a converted second-floor bedroom. Currently houses
the existing MV-II in BA123, a VAXstation 4000/60, a minitower firewall,
my desktop PC, an IBM 4029 printer, a PS/2 model 9577, 2 RS/6000 7043s,
a Mac IIci, a Mac 7200, an SGI Indigo2, a stack of Indys, a stack of
VS3100s and SZ12 expansions, an HP 9000/735, a MV3100-80, a DECstation
5000/240, 2 DS3000/300x, an Altos 580, an IBM RT 6150, 2 desks, and 2
bookcases. Only 3 displays right now; I use a KVM with everything
that'll do VGA/SVGA, the RT has its own, and I have an extremely
versatile IBM Power17 that gets its cables switched a lot.
  Also several hundred CD's, boxes of drives and floppies, boxes of
tapes, a stack of external tape drives, applicable keyboards & mice,
yadda yadda yadda yadda.
  It _feels_ very small....

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