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From: Geoffrey G. Rochat <geoff_at_pkworks.com>
Date: Sat Apr 6 17:18:32 2002

This afternoon, while copying IBM 1620 manuals for Al Kossow's Bitsavers
Project, I met Mr. Alan Earls. He is writing a book on Rt 128, as he
explains below, and is looking for information. I have invited him to
visit both the Rhode Island Computer Museum ( www.osfn.org/ricm ) and
the RetroComputing Society of Rhode Island ( www.osfn.org/rcs ), and
promised to forward his request for information to friends and
colleagues. If you can help the fellow, either directly or by
reference, please contact him.

Clearly, any tech history writer looking for information on Clevite has
done his homework!

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From: Alan Earls <alanearls_at_attbi.com>
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Date: Saturday, April 06, 2002 4:48 PM
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Nice to meet you and chat about "oldies" (Mailboxes, Etc. in Franklin).
As I mentioned I'm finishing up (by May 1) a photo/history book about
Route 128 and environs in Mass. from roughly the end of WW2 until the
early 90s. This isn't a scholarly effort. Rather it is an attempt to
provide a popular book that will capture representative images of the
"dawn" of high tech -- the post war years with the expanded defense
budgets and new electronic technology --- through to the recent past.

I'm still trying to locate photos of people, places, and things
associated with DG, Prime, Wang and many other companies. I would also
love photos from the Multics project at MIT and some photos of the early
area semiconductor companies: Clevite, Sylvania, Transitron, etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Alan Earls
508 528 6930
PLEASE NOTE: Effective immediately, my email address is
alanearls_at_attbi.com. Please be sure you update your files. Mail
addressed to my "mediaone" address will no longer be delivered after
Mar. 15, 2002.
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