Of Mud and Virgins

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Mon Apr 8 01:38:22 2002

On April 8, Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
> That last prophecy has fulfilled itself! I visited Owen Robertson while in
> FW, and we powered up his 11/34. He showed me a few things -- how to load
> RL01 packs, where the power switch was, etc. -- and we proceeded to play
> with the machine. There are problems with the RSX-11M pack he has, so I
> loaded up an XXDP+ pack. After printing and reading the help file, I
> experimented and was able (after some trial and error) to -- drum roll,
> please -- load UPD2 and create another bootable pack with XXDP+ on it!

  Kick ass!! :-)

> It's too bad we didn't do this a week sooner. The scrappers had just
> finished destroying what was a very nice PDP-11/60. I at least found and
> took the unit numbers from the RK07 and RP0x drive.

  I weep for the PDP-11/60.

  I take it you "educated" said scrappers, and left them your number?


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