Video Card

From: Dan Wright <>
Date: Mon Apr 8 08:56:07 2002

A friend of mine and I found one of those and a couple RS/6000 (I think
they're 7014 3AT's, but I'm not certain) being thrown out the other day.
Naturally they were scavenged :) What exactly is needed to connect the POWER
GXT1000 to the host system? It's got what looks like a funky RS/6k SCSI cable
coming out of it (it is, in fact, physically the same connector), which is
what I assumed was used to connect the two, but I don't actually know...

by the way, calling the GXT1000 a "video card" is pretty funny ;)

Sridhar the POWERful said:
> On Sat, 6 Apr 2002, Doc wrote:
> > > Anyone know where I can get an IBM RS/6000 POWER GXT1000 Model 002 video
> > > card?
> >
> > Do you have the GXT1000 display hardware?
> No, I need the box and everything, not just the interface.
> Peace... Sridhar
- Dan Wright
(UNIX Systems Administrator, School of Chemical Sciences)
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