BA23 vs. BA123 vs. 42" cabinet?

From: Doc <>
Date: Mon Apr 8 09:33:06 2002

On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Andreas Freiherr wrote:

> Imagination says you'll have only one slot that is half-filled (the one
> beneath the memory card, where the DEQNA or DELQA will be), followed by
> an A/B/A/B slot with the TQK50 and RQDX3 plugged in. Below these, there
> will be a lot of open space. If you are very concerned about cooling,
> you might want to partly block air flow in that area to force the air
> stream across the electronics, but I still don't think this is
> absolutely necessary, provided you stay within the specifications for
> ambient temperature etc.

  Cool. (Pun definitely intended.) It was a pretty busy weekend, but I
think I'll be able to get it put together toninght.

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