From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Mon Apr 8 10:01:52 2002

> Indeed it does. GEM was DR's GUI that sort of "went with" CP/M,

GEM was never shipped with a CP/M system.

There are two GEM source branches, one for x86 systems and one for the
68k. There may have been one version that utilized GSX to create a
version of GEM for CP/M-86, but there is no indication of this in the
source code.

> Atari is the major exception (in that TOS is actually based on
> CP/M...
Huh? AFAIK, TOS is the ROM code that was the Atari equivalent to the PC
GEM AES (application environment services) as well as some other low-level
support routines.

FYI, if you want the sources to GEM and some updated Desktop code, head
over to

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