should I take RM03's

From: Henk Gooijen <>
Date: Mon Apr 8 13:11:39 2002

Well, thanks everybody for enlighten me.
Edward (too!) and I will take together at least 3 RM03's.
I checked the PDP11 Peripherals handbook 1978-79
to see what is written about the differences between
the RM02 and the RM03.
Edward wrote already that the RM02 was for all PDP-11's
except the 11/70, and that the RM03 was specifically for
the 11/70.
Furthermore average seek time and latency are identical,
however, the peak data transfer rate for the RM02 is only
806,000 bytes/second, where the RM03 has a peak rate of
1,200,00 bytes per second.
That is why DEC saw the RM03 (according to the book) as
the high performance storage for database applications.
More (difference) info on both drives for completeness:
                               RM02 RM03
rotational speed : 2400 rpm, 3600 rpm
max latency : 25.9 msec, 17.3 msec
avg latency : 12.5 msec, 8.33 msec
max start time : 25 sec, 35 sec <--- not a typo!
typical start time : 15 sec, 25 sec <--- not a typo!

Thanks again for the good advice. I will grab 'm !!
And Tony, "you speak from my heart" as we in Holland say.
Nothing can beat the sound, smell and certainly the looks
of any blinkenlight PDP, IMHO...

- Henk.
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