CD-ROM on RT-11?

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Mon Apr 8 19:49:57 2002

>Tom Leffingwell wrote:

> I did that too, but I also wanted need to manipulate the file system,
> because the floppy had v4.0 on it, and I had v5.3 in another dsk file.
> > On Fri, 5 Apr 2002, Carlini, Antonio wrote:
> > If all you want is a straight copy of an RT-11
> > disk and you are using OpenVMS, why not use
> > I would suggest:
> > $ BACKUP/PHYSICAL device: filename.BCK/SAVE
> > This would save your floppy contents in filename.BCK.
> > Then restore with:
> > $ BACKUP/PHYSICAL filename.BCK/SAVE device:
> > I don't have the necessary h/w anymore to
> > try this, but it should work. I've certainly done
> > something similar with RX50 WPS floppies and I've
> > seen others do the same with DECmate III floppies.
> > The added advantage is that you end up with
> > a block-by-block copy of your floppy that
> > you can save on CD or whatever.

Jerome Fine replies:

As far as I can understand, the ONLY device driver in RT-11
which can support the use of a CD on a real PDP-11 is the
MSCP driver which is normally DU(X).SYS, although it
can have other names as well.

Under E11, that can probably be easily extended to HD(X).SYS
as well, although I have not tried this.

The rest of my concerns are about being able to duplicate
the two file structures used on the RT-11 Freeware CD V2.0
from Tim Shoppa (THANK YOU!!). Approximately the
first 400 MBytes were used for files under the ISO file structure.

Then there were a number of empty sectors (each sector was
2048 bytes). Finally, starting at sector 212,992 (an exact multiple
of 16,384 - in this case 13 * 16,384), 114,688 sectors are
present (of the standard of 2048 bytes each) which are 7 groups
of 16,384 sectors or 33,554,432 bytes.

>From what I gather, I now believe that VMS on a VAX or an
Alpha is able to transfer either files under the ISO file structure
to a CD media OR specific blocks in a file to a specific sector
number on a CD. Can anyone tell me if this is true? I presume
that VMS device drivers are also able to understand both the
ISO file structure and also write data sector by sector as well.

Now my question is if anyone knows of a program for
Windows 98 which can do the same in respect of transferring
a file in the Windows 98 file structure to a specific sector on
a CD media (either CD-R or CD-RW)? At the moment I
am able to transfer files under and ISO file structure to a CD.

In addition, I am able to transfer a file to a CD starting at a
default sector on the CD of ZERO. But I have not found
or figured out how to first place a groups of files on the CD
under the ISO file structure followed by a copy of a hard drive
file starting at a specific non-zero sector address on the CD?
I wish to do this under Windows 98. This final step is what I
require to be able to have both the ISO file structure PLUS
be able to read files under RT-11 at the end of the CD media.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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