need the use of a scanner with sheet feeder (near Seattle)

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Apr 8 18:10:32 2002

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Doc wrote:

> What I'm gonna suggest is tantamount to heresy on this list, but "oh
> well."
> For production scanning, go spend whetever you can afford on a USB
> scanner. I'm running an Epson refurb that cost $40 (I think NIB is like
> $80) and scans circles around my old SJ5. It's faster, quieter, clearer
> and does much better resolution.

I want the benefit of an ADF (automatic document feeder). The Network
ScanJet 5 can do up to 50 pages at once. It also supports a fake duplex
mode (you feed the pages in one way, then re-feed them the other). It
seems decent and was free, so I hope I can get this one to work to do
low-volume background scanning.

> Every ScanJet 5 I've ever seen with more than a couple thousand pages
> scanned gets tinted stripes down the image.

I saw one on eBay that was advertised as having this problem. It sold for
around $50.

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