DWBUA woes

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Apr 9 11:09:43 2002

So... the 8200/DWBUA saga continues... I got a replacement T1010 module.
It passes internal tests unlike its predecessor. It does not pass
all diagnostics (no yellow LED). The two error codes I see in GPR0
(General Purpose Register 0) are 12 and E. Code 12 means that the
DWBUA could not cause the M9313 UET to respond to an interrupt cycle.
Code E is a register-communications issue. The DWBUA won't pass
diags unless an extensive set of conditions are met, including full
communication with the UET. Before anyone asks, there is nothing on
the Unibus except the UET and a full boat of double-grant cards.

At this point, I suspect the DD11DK, the M9313 UET and/or the cables.
I have three M9313 modules. One consistently generates a 12, two
generate an E. What's not clear to me is if the tests are performed
in numerical order - i.e., the "12" UET is working "better" than the
two "E" UETs. I cannot guarantee that any of the UETs are fully

I have no Unibus VAXen (out of storage and set up) to test an M9313. I
could set up an 11/04 to tweak at the registers, but that's simple
CSR poking, not full diagnostics. If there's anything related to
XXDP and a UET, I guess I could try that (I'd have to either dig out
my RUX50 or get XXDP onto 8" floppy somehow, unless I can get it on
an RL01 or RL02 pack - I have an RL02 and RL11 right here).

Anyone with any substantial DWBUA experience? I have the tech manual,
but in the past, I just plugged it in and it worked. Didn't have to
go at it step-by-step.

Ideas? Source of working UETs?



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