Pro350 with RT-11 and VR241 + Docs

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Apr 9 14:23:55 2002

--- Jeff Hellige <> wrote:
> For those that might be interested in what looks to be a nice
> system, there's a Pro350 with RT-11 and the VR241 RGB monitor, plus
> lots of documentation and disks, on eBay. As always, I have no
> connection with just passing it on.

Nice. The only thing I'm missing from the picture is the orange wall of
RT (got a set of v4 docs). The shipping is the killer on this, though.

For someone who wants to get started, it's all there. I had to put
together stuff from a myriad of sources over several years. My Pro350
came with PO/S; the VR241 goes with my VT240 (it worked great as
a temporary monitor for my Gorf cabinet); and the RT-11 v5 distro came
on its own.


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