Does anyone have a live VT52?

From: Paul Williams <>
Date: Tue Apr 9 14:41:57 2002

Andreas Freiherr wrote:
> most newer VTs can be switched to VT52 mode in setup. I don't have a
> real VT52, but I can, as certainly many others here, easily offer to
> type in whatever you want me to using a VT320 or VT420 switched to
> VT52 mode.

Thanks Andreas, but I have working examples of most newer DEC terminals.
I have a complete state diagram for the behaviour of the these terminals
in VT52 mode and I was now trying to discover any differences.

You're right about compatibility of the patch of course, because xterm
in VT52 mode should behave the same as any VT100 to VT500 in VT52 mode.
However, having been completist about the ANSI-mode parser[1], I would
like to finish the job for the VT52 itself.

[1] -- only for insomniacs!

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