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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Wed Apr 10 09:32:57 2002

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> The main reason I have never played with them is I could never find a
> Fuse Prom Burner schematic that looked reasonable. I still
> would like to
> do a TTL computer with fused based proms ( or EEPROM's as modern
> substitute )for control logic. I am just finishing up a nice
> FPGA design

At one point I considered making an "illustrative project" of building
a pseudo fuse blown PROM out of several inline type fuses -- like are used
in power supplies, for instance.

It would be possible to illustrate not only electronically, but visually,
the way that the ROM works. :) "The black ones are 0s... ;)" (or is that
a 1?)

Anything beyond a size of several bytes would be unmanageable, of course.
I figured you might fit 64 bytes in the size of a VHS tape if you use
small fuses.


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