Native CP/M

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Apr 10 09:41:31 2002

> >As a nice give away you also get an 8080 CPU for free. There
> >have been two solutions AFAIR. One was booting MS-DOS and
> >starting a bootloader for CP/M80 (a), the other was a CP/M
> >disguise for MS-DOS (b).

> I have a V20 PC-XT in working order. Do you still have those
> tools. I'd like to try out CP/M on it.

I have to see what's left.

> IIRC, the German c't magazine once had such tools. Back then I already
> had this V20 PC-XT, but didn't want to mess with CP/M.
> After just having made the transition from C64 to PC (MS-DOS), CP/M
> was "old stuff" back then :-)

I may at least have the named c't issues at the lager.

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