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From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Wed Apr 10 10:01:53 2002

Richard Erlacher wrote:

> 12-bit CPU's out there ??? Everybody knows that 12-bitters haven't existed
> since the '70's! After all, they stop existing on the day the last one is
> shipped. The device manufacturers stop considering a market as viable once
> the potential for 100K pieces per week per manufacturer is no longer there.

True about manufacturing, but I wish one had more choice with computer
hardware/software for the PC user.I think DEC sold the PDP-8 until about
1990. Since I can't find a 12/24 bit CPU that I like I am building my
own. A 12/24 bit cpu chip could have came out around 1980 with the
8086/6800. Part of the challenge in the cpu design I am doing in FPGA is
to have it emulate (for the most part) a fictional 12/24 bit cpu in a 40
pin dip.The last thing I added was a 8 bit refresh counter for dynamic
memory and a single channel DMA for a floppy. Running at 4.9152 Mhz (
800 ns memory access, 512Kb of ram ) I hope the Squash the XT market in
1983!. :)

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