Twinax (was Re: Last run at the local Uni Surplus for a while...)

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Apr 10 11:01:38 2002

The best terminal/PC tied to their AS/400 was a 486 (I think he meant
besides the AS/400) which isn't bad if all they use the PCs for is a
terminal emulator using the Windows client and an emulator card. They can
hook to twinax that way and can work with ethernet, token ring or twinax.

There was a way to drive an AS/400 control terminal from a token ring 16/4
or 10baseT ethernet card IIRC but it's been 2 yrs since I've monkeyed with
the internals of an AS/400 so I forget how (or if it really is possible).
The place I worked at had a schematic in one of the AS/400 manuals on the
woring of the twinax block and I don't remember how the 6 port box was wired
(if it had anything other than wires and connectors)

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=> > I do happen to have some twinax baluns from a former tenant of a
=> > shop that my former employer took over. They previous guys
=> > had an AS/400
=> > and terminals on peoples' desks. The best computer in the place was a
=> > 486 tower, in 2000! They were in the forklift business -
=> Wait -- if I understand you properly, they had an AS/400, but the best
=> computer was a 486?
=> I'm missing something here, and I'm certain to be near enlightenment
=> when I figure it out...
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