Decitek 262 info wanted...

From: Loboyko Steve <>
Date: Wed Apr 10 13:48:48 2002

I'm not sure if this is the spooler model - I have the
spooler (private labelled GE/DECITEK) model and I
really like it, it's super quality. I asked them a
question via email and they helped me but it took a
few days. The manual for my spooler model is $75.00,
but, hey, this was an expensive piece of equipment and
I'm glad to be able to get the manual at all. This is
an apparently still made industrial machine!

I have the DIP switches figured out enough to get it
to work at 4800,e,8,1, and I can spool read or step
read via switches on the front panel.

If you have the same one, contact me off list and I
will look it up.

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