New MV-II boots! And, of course, Questions....

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Apr 10 14:46:00 2002

> I was hoping the BA23 would be quieter than the BA123. It's not.

?!?!? What's up with your BA123? My PDP-11/73 is one of the quietest
machines around here, probably the only thing quieter is the latest two
PC's and the G4/450 PowerMac. Have you got all the skins on it? Mine used
to be fairly noisy, but the combination of getting all the skins, and
switching to small 3.5" SCSI HD's has it so quiet it ran all night Sunday
because I forgot it was on! (I've been running it enough lately I'm not
looking forwards to my next electric bill!)

> The memory board, which is a DataRAM 63016 C0. Listed online as a 16M
>board some places and 32M others. The system sees it as 2 16M boards.
>Is this kosher?

I suspect this is a trick on DataRAM's part to fit 32MB on one board. It's
possible that the CPU will only recognize memory boards up to 16MB.


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