New MV-II boots! And, of course, Questions....

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Wed Apr 10 17:24:13 2002

On 2002.04.10 08:27 Doc Shipley wrote:

> Does the KA655 CPU make this a MV-3800, a MV-III, or a MV-II with a
> KA655?
Kind of a MV III. The MV 3800 comes in a BA213. The MV III is normaly
KA650 based. So this may be a "MV III+"

> The memory board, which is a DataRAM 63016 C0. Listed online as a
> 16M board some places and 32M others. The system sees it as 2 16M
> Is this kosher?
Yes. DEC did the same trick... The KA650 can only manage 16 MB per
memory board. To save slots, when higher density RAMs where available,
There where 32MB boards that emulate two 16 MB boards to make the CPU
feel well.

> The 3-position CPU-RAM ribbon cable is plugged at one end and at the
> middle connector. Does it matter?

> I'd _really_ like to run the RX50 instead of the TK50.
> Unfortunately, I don't have a cable.
> Can a PC floppy cable be modified to work?
Yes. You need a simple 1:1 cable without twist.

> I see references to terminating the last RD5x on an RQDX3.
Uhh. I never did any termination on a RDxx.
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