Semi-OT: Power supplies

From: Gary Hildebrand <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 02:36:32 2002

I've had good luck just by contacting Hewlett-Packard directly, even for
some of the really old tube test gear. They are extremely helpful, and
the manuals are not priced out of sight either.

Gary Hildebrand
ST. Joseph, MO wrote:
> I am looking for some sort of service manual or something on two Power
> supplies I picked up yesterday at Purdue Salvage. The first one is a HP
> 711A 'adjustable AC/DC power supply', which is fairly old and tube-based.
> After plugging it in, nothing happens - no filaments light up, etc. I
> haven't had time to go through and 'probe' it to see if the transformer
> is still OK yet, that's my next step. If anyone has any info on it, please
> drop me a line. BTW I've checked the fuse.
> The second one is fairly new - a HC Power Model HC10-1A switching 5V,
> 200A power supply. I think it was manufactured in 1992, making it 'just
> classic' as far as electronics go. I've taken it apart, and the line-side
> smoother caps are charging up, so I'm guessing a control problem. I'm
> going to try and contact Power-One (they aparently bought out HC Power)
> tomorrow to try and get info on it. I would really like to get this
> working so that I could try and use it for my new SSI/MSI (perhaps a few
> PALs if necessary) minicomputer I'm designing. [Aside: If they'd only
> give me some sort of course credit towards my BSCompE for doing this, I'd
> be really happy.]
> -- Pat
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