Questions regarding Tom Shoppa

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 12:20:26 2002

> Over the past year, I have sent several messages to Tom Shoppa
> requesting a set of CD ROMs containing the offerings of his at
> the web site,, yet to date I have not received
> the requested material. I have also sent email to Tom directly
> but, he has not answered. Is there some extenuating circumstance
> of which others on this list are more familiar than I?

While it's possible that he's a bit put off being called
'Tom' instead of 'Tim', which is his name, I doubt it...

I know it's often regarded as an 'excuse' when someone
from whom you exxpect something says that they're 'busy',
but Tim really is... he already had a large backlog of
of work at his tape conversion firm, but my understanding
is that Sept. 11 stretched his work queue out to the length
of one year. Yes, he has what he has estimated to be a one
year-long queue of work to process.

He does seem to find time to post here and there, but a
monk's got to have some pleasures in life...

It would be *nice* if he'd be willing to delegate the
taking care of loose ends on his behalf. He doesn't owe
me anything, though I'd love to get his attention for
15 minutes of Q&A...


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