Amiga 2500 questions

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 13:46:17 2002

--- Jeff Hellige <> wrote:
> >More modern Amiga chips and OSes will give you VGA-friendly modes, but
> >that only works once the OS is up. It's a pain to diagnose boot
> >problems.
> Unless you are lucky enough to have an A3000 with it's
> built-in scandoubler!

Well... I left them out because we were talking about A2000/A2500 boxes.
Luck has little to do with it - I have three A3000s, one I got brand new
with OS2.01 with it as an A1000 tradeup ($1,850, ISTR). All have the full
18MB RAM (16MB FAST, 2MB CHIP), varying amounts of disk, *high density
floppies* and Ethernet. One even has an A-Max II board that I used to
use to drive an HP-4ML from A-Max as my primary word-processing (and
Risk ;-) machine.

The bad news is that I haven't turned on any of them since I brought back
an A4000 from N.Z. a few years ago (replaced the innards of the PSU with
an American one). I even managed to replace the 68EC030 on the CPU
card with a full 68030 (SMT rework station at work!) and eventually aquire
a full 68040 card (A3640).

Still... it was nice having the scan doubler and the C1950 monitor, even
if I had to send the 1950 out under warranty at least once and repair it
on my own twice. Not the most robust monitor, but it is nice when it

The other option is that there _are_ scan doubler cards for the A2000. I
have one. I would gladly trade it for a Toaster setup.

Still best to have a proper multisync, though, especially if you want
to play old games.


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