Amiga A2065 Ethernet cards

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 15:18:02 2002

On Apr 11, 3:19, Gary Hildebrand wrote:
> Happened to notice they are 10Base2 (BNC connector and AUI interface
> (DB15). According to what little I've found on the web, there is an
> adapter available that goes from the AUI DB15 to 10BaseT, so I can test
> these out through a hub.
> Any comments?

Well, assuming you really mean DA15 (not DB15 :-)) then, yes, all you need
is a transceiver. The miniature type that fits straight onto the AUI
connector is best, and usually cheap and easy to find. After that, it's
just a question of having TCP/IP software.

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