From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 16:14:04 2002

> > Badly put. I do know better.
> ???
 I was referring to my GEM runs on top of Tos statement.

> > A lot of the later mods for the ST were really
> > interesting too. Geneva, Magic and Terradisk come to mind. There was a lot of
> > development that came out of Germany for the ST.
> Jep. And before that nice things like KAOS, a complete
> rewritten TOS with way less errors and dammed higher
> performancs - some desktop apps where running 10 to 50
> percent faster due the great improvements within the AES.
> In fact, it was a complete reengeniered and redone GEM.

 I have it on disk somewhere among my ST stuff. I think I had some
problems with it. Another was called "Thing" if I remember correctly.

> The other grat product would be NVDI - a replacement for
> the VDI (virtual device Interface). while still keeping
> all functionality, some drawing operations where speed
> up 20 times - a average speedup of another 5 to 30 percent,
> depending on the graphic workload was possible. Using
> KAOS and NVDI let applications on a 8 MHz original ST
> feel/run almost as fast as on a 16 MHz Mega STE.
 I have NVDI. I"ll have to retry KAOS once I get my Marpett
memory board problems straightened out. Is anyone still supplying
memory expansion boards for the ST ?

> I guess we loved the system ... Maybe the Amiga/Atari wars
> where nowhere else fought with the same vigilance than in
> Germany ... Youd rather dumped your friends than admiting
> that the other machine could be more worth than the dirt
> under your nails.
 It still is my favorite system even tho I've never had a model
newer than the STFM. Visions of sugarplum STE, Mega, TT
and Falcons dance in my head. Never mind a Milan fantasy.
 Like Amigas, STs hold their value very well. Old STers hang
onto them and newer fans snatch up the favored models.
 They're just so much more fun than most of the crap out there.

> Gruss
> H.
> (It took me years until I was ready not only to own an
> Amiga, but also have fun playing with it.)
 Bizarrely enough, I have Amiga models Ik, 2k, and well-
peripheralled 3k, acquired cheaply at thifts mainly, but none
of the upper ST models and refuse to pay the inflated EPay
prices. I must admit I am weakening tho.

> VCF Europa 3.0 am 27./28. April 2002 in Muenchen
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