DC Metro (was: Questions regarding Tom Shoppa.

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Thu Apr 11 17:40:33 2002

> Tim does live outside of Bethesda and one of the major metro
> lines does go up through Bethesda. I'd guess that a lot of the
> people that live in his area probably don't use it much though as
> it's a pretty nice area and the closest metro stop is likely to be
> far enough away to be at least a pain to use regularly.

That's one cool station! As I recall it's something like 10 stories
underground! That makes for one MAJOR escelator <sp> ride! There used to
be an Egghead store a few blocks from the station. I've still got the 14.4k
Practical Peripherals external Modem I bought there 10 years ago. I purchased
it so I could download Linux software (which I'd been running for a few
months) faster. Geez, it just hit me, that means that I've finally passed
the 10 year mark for Internet usage (yes, I realize I've not been online as
long as a lot of people here).

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