NEC Multispeed boot error... what now?

From: Rose Fallaw <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 18:07:40 2002

I am hoping you can send me in the right direction for restoring this
very old laptop that my father gave me. It is posting a message that
reads as follows:
Fixed disk setup (1701) incomplete.
Trying to boot from A drive:
Warning!! Fixed Disk Controller is bad or Low Power,
Can not boot up from fixed disk, insert system disk drive A or B...
Press any key when ready....
What precisely do I need to look for when getting a system disk for this
computer? It didn't have anything in the original bag it came with.
The screen reads as follows when I turn on the computer:
Phoenix ROM BIOS Version 2.51
Copyright (c) 1984,1985,1986 Phoenix Technologies, Inc.
NEC Multispeed
Please offer any guidance you may have! Thanks for you time!
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