Sun IPC Keyb/Mouse

From: Doug Carman <>
Date: Thu Apr 11 22:17:37 2002

Alex White wrote:
> My SO has reminded me to ask if any of you have keyboards and mice going
> spare which would work with her Sun IPC, or a lead on a
> surplus/second-hand supplier for these, in the UK ;)
> Thanks for putting up with me
> Alex

The IPC can use a normal type 5 or 6 keyboard from any recent Sun system
except the USB keyboards being used with SunBlade and other new
systems. I used a spare type 5c keyboard and mouse with my IPC. As
long as it is a Sun keyboard with a mini DIN connector, you should be
able to use it on the IPC.

Doug Carman
pdp11 at bellsouth dot net
Received on Thu Apr 11 2002 - 22:17:37 BST

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