Free MV3100/80 & Misc (Melbourne, .au)

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Date: Fri Apr 12 00:25:56 2002

> okay I live in melbourne and this one seemed too good to pass up, so
> basically I have got the machine, need to fix the system password, but I
> have some documantation on how to do that so no real problems there...
> Okay what It came with
> The machine as listed abouve, including all of the leads, so I have no
> hassles connecting up a terminal as it came with the mmj serial line. A
> vt440 and a huge old laser printer.
> But the big thing is that when I spoke to darren about th machine, he said
> that it came with all of its manuals.
> when he said all he wasn't kidding, I am still sorting out the 5 boxes or
> so of folders and manuals there are heaps, programmer refernce manuals all
> sorts of manuals I will provide a good list when I have finished sorting
> everything out...
> So a good find....
> And one I never thought I would see here, it allways seems that the free
> stuff is allways in the USA...
> Joy
> Benjamin Gardiner
Hmmm Replying to ones own message, grrr
I can't seem to change the system password, here is what I am doing point
out anything wrong...

I am flolowing the directions from:
(the section MGMT5)

at the >>> prompt I have entered b/1 this gets me to the SYSBOOT> prompt
all good so far.

then I type the followning commands:

this gets me to the $ prompt then I type

And from the VMS faq this leads me to believe that it sould boot up and
leave me logged in to the console. and then I could change the password.

this doesn't seem to occur, it seems to boot up normaly, and then ask for

Is there anything I am doing wrong? I am using VMS 6.1 if thats a help

THanks heaps

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