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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Apr 12 01:30:03 2002

--- Tony Duell <> wrote:
> Can you still get 'fuse wire' in the States? It's commonly available over
> here because many houses still have 'consumer units' (fuseboxes)
> containing rewireable fuses. Typically you buy a card with 5A, 15A and
> 30A fuse wire wound onto it.

While I do not doubt for one moment that you can buy such things in
the UK, I would imagine that such a product is a lawsuit waiting to
happen in the States.

I grew up in a house with knob-and-tube wiring and light fixtures
fastened to the pipes of the former gas lamps with glass screw-in
fuses in the basement, not circuit breakers. The common trick of
the day when a fuse blew and you didn't have a replacement was to
drop a penny under the burned out fuse. Electrical house fires
were also common.

I think if they continued to sell supplies for homeowner-refurbished
fuses, someone, somewhere would try to use ordinary wire and burn
their house down. The difference would be that it's "obvious" that
a penny does not belong in an electrical panel. How is Joe Average
supposed to know that the fuse box takes "special" wire when one

Re: earlier discussion about stupidity leading to egregious lawsuits,
but there you are... begging for trouble.

In short: no... I have never seen "fuse wire" sold over the counter,
nor have I even _heard_ of such a thing here. Caveat: I am probably
too young to have ever seen it, even if it were ever available here.


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