list server computer hardware will change

From: James Rice <>
Date: Sat Apr 13 07:39:49 2002

Jay, I have a spare stick of 256mb PC-133 SDRAM to contribute if that's
the type you need. I think I also have a 256 DDR if that's what you
need. Let me know.


Jay West wrote:

>FYI - at some point in the not too distant future (read weeks) I want to
>move the classiccmp list onto a different machine (but same location). This
>isn't being done for cpu/memory load or bandwidth reasons, it's mainly for
>logistical reasons. So - one machine will be dedicated to handling all
>classiccmp list traffic and that is all it will do. Right now the machine
>the list is on is also one of several doing backup DNS and mail for the ISP.
>Once the classiccmp stuff is moved it will also be shadowed by some of our
>other servers, but the primary server will be dedicated to classiccmp.
>I am perfectly willing to subsidize the entire cost of the hardware for the
>new machine. However, I am also willing to accept any donations of cash or
>hardware to cover the cost. I will host the machine and maintain it always
>for free, but the initial hardware would be nice to get some help with
>(although not required!). Here are the components and costs. If anyone has
>any of the components to spare and is willing to donate them, great - or if
>you want to kick in some cash to defray the cost - great too. But whatever
>people don't cover, I'm willing to cover myself even if it is the entire
>ASUS micro-ATX motherboard with built in video and network interface: $65.00
>Intel celeron 1.2ghz $80
>Teac Floppy: $10
>IDE CD-ROM: $30
>256mb RAM: $80
>30gb ultra IDE hard drive: $0 (I already have this sitting around, but a 2nd
>to mirror might be nice)
>1U rackmount chassis: $150
>In order to address the previously discussed issues of [offlist] tags and
>html rejection, as well as because of a lot of other nifty features, I'm
>also considering using mailman. It gives a wonderfull web interface for
>those that want to do their subscribes/unsubscribes & the like on their own.
>Yes, it still supports email subscribtion requestions. Basically, it gives
>me a lot of flexibility and options that majordomo doesn't. Not sure about
>this all yet.
>Jay West
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