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From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Sat Apr 13 10:15:17 2002

Richard Erlacher wrote:

(computer science stuff)
> I told it was a semantic quagmire.
I really don't care what it was called.

> > Of course you can build a stack without a counter. In the real world a
> > shift register will do it (I've used a row of 'F194s to make a subroutine
> > stack). Or a pile of bits of paper with numbers written on them :-). You
> > do not have to make a stack (particulary not in the 'theoretical world')
> > using a counter
> >
> Oh forgive me for trying to be practical. It takes a LOT of shift registers
> to build what you can build with an up/down counter and a RAM.

 Shift register stacks do have the advantage of being fast. Did not the
8008 or the 4004 use a 8 level stack for subroutine calls. A calculator
chip at that time only needed 4 functions.

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