Vax 4000/300 and Ultrix

From: David Barnes <>
Date: Sat Apr 13 18:02:01 2002

Hey All;
    Just picked up a Vax 4000/300 today with 2 RF71 DSSI drives, TK70,
and I think 64MB ram... after I clean her up (its a little dusty) I was
thinking about playing with Ultrix, as I have enough VMS machines...
anyone know or try Ultrix 4.2 on the 4000/300? thats the latest I have
for the vax platform.. I have 4.5 but thats for the MIPS which I run on
my DECsystem 5000/240.


David Barnes
OpenVMS , Tru64, Netbsd, Linux guru
and collector of DEC equipment
Received on Sat Apr 13 2002 - 18:02:01 BST

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