SWTPC 6800 deal of the day.

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Apr 13 21:55:43 2002


        I've got two functional SWTPc systems here, including a 6800,
with full documentation. One of the more useful sites about these
machines is Michael Holley's web site at:


        He's designed a new floppy controller for them and there is
also a group working on an IDE interface.


>Today I acquired an SWPTC 6800 computer full of boards, an SWTPC
>AC-30 cassette interface, an
>SWTPC keyboard/terminal (in what looks like an old teletype case), a
>cassette recorder, some software on
>tape, and a camera tripod for $15. If it hadn't been for the tripod
>(which I didn't want anyway), the cost
>would probably have been $5.
>There appears to be a good deal of literature on the Web about this
>computer. One link I couldn't find was
>to Mike Dogas's page. Mike, you out there?
>The system looks like it hasn't been used in a very long time, and
>need a little attention before it gets
>plugged in.
>There is no CRT with the system, and I haven't had time to figure
>out exactly what is required with the
>SWTPC keyboard/terminal. But there are wires all over the place!
>Pointers to useful information appreciated, especially on how to get
>a disk system working with this system.

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