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From: John Boffemmyer IV <>
Date: Sat Apr 13 22:29:17 2002

Well, from the overwhelming response already, it seems like a good one =)
Now for an important issue:
I have no real clue of electronics pathways, circuity (board level
repairs), soldering, etc. nor am I knowledgeable of electrical currents,
signalling or anything else necessary. I have quickly realized this.
If I paid money is some form or means, would it be possible for someone to
actually set this up in a provided 5.25" or 3.5" bay blank? I am fully
willing to pay for components, shipping and labor.
The concept is thus: 2 LED's for SCSI controller I/O, 2 LED's for Ethernet
and 4 LED's for SCSI drives. Was hoping for SCSI LED's to be orange,
Ethernet to be yellow and SCSI drives to be possibly blue. I would have to
assume that even the blue LED's can be obtained reasonably from somewhere
to make this work. Again, I am ignorant of electrical work and this is why
I ask for help.

The SCSI controller is an LSI Logic 22910, the Ethernet controller is an
IBM PCI Ethernet adapter (AMD PC-Net II) and I think the SCSI drives for
front panel LED's are pretty standard. I DO HAVE THE SHEETS ON ALL OF THESE.

Anyone interested? Please email me in private:

I am a computer technician and network troubleshooter. I am in NO way a
rocket scientist or experienced avid hobbiest like some of my brethren
here. Many of you have this knowledge and experience, please help if you
can. ...BTW Doc, yes, I really do have too much time on my hands
sometimes... when I am not commuting 2 hours each way to work and putting
in 42hr+ work weeks. The weekends become a lull and boredom sinks in...
that is when my damned mind rears it's ugly head and starts thinking (I
hate when it does that).

Thanks gang,

Founder, Lead Writer, Tech Analyst
and Web Designer Boff-Net Technologies
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