Canon FV-540 Still Video Floppy Disk Drive on eBay

From: John Foust <>
Date: Sun Apr 14 07:35:50 2002

I put this circa-1991 item on eBay, it looks like
it's going to end at less than $10.

I'm auctioning a batch of other computer-related items,
but this was the most classic or obscure.

- John

Canon FV-540 Still Video Floppy Disk Drive

 This was used with the Canon RC-540 Still Video Camera,
an early digital camera dating back to
 1991. It was part of Canon's Professional Still Video
Imaging Kit, a $4900 package.
 It stored images to a 2" inch floppy disk, and you'd
move those floppies to this SCSI device to view
 thumbnails and retrieve images using Canon's SV-Scan
software or other packages. Each could
 store up to 50 images at low resolution (72 DPI) or
up to 32 images at high resolution (150 DPI).
 I will include a Zip file ( containing
Windows FV-Scan software, which requires a Corel
 or Trantor SCSI card interface. I haven't tested it.
  I think there was Mac and even Next software
 available for this unit. Perhaps you can find it
on the net.
 The box has S-Video in, and composite in and out,
and two SCSI ports.
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