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From: ajp166 <>
Date: Sun Apr 14 11:16:11 2002

From: Ben Franchuk <>
>> If you buy a moderately cheap CPLD, e.g. the XILINX 95108, in a
PLCC84, it
>> costs about $20-30 U.S. at DigiKey. Combine that with a socket, ($4
tops) and
>> a few wirewrap socket pins, ($.10 each) that's another $8.40. Now
find a
>> cheap wirewrap board to which you can solder ... and then use the free
>> software and build the ~$5 ISP adapter.
>Has anybody done that?

I've done this with other similar packaged devices and it flies.

>I have a nice FPGA prototype kit, (altera) but I am having problems
>getting A PROM for it. I may go to using smaller chips like the XC-9572
>(72 macro cells) ? $12 canadian. They don't make wire wrap PLCC sockets

What prom are you looking for?

I'm still playing with some 2064s and 3030s and 3050s, yes they are old
the tools were free, the parts cheap and easy to load up with a 2816/64.

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