More 11/750 PSU Qs

From: Alex White <>
Date: Sun Apr 14 18:55:04 2002

Hello all.

I was wondering if any of you know of a good power supply rebuilders in
the UK?

Why? Because i'm rather scared of the PSU bricks supplied with my VAX
11/750. 5V _at_ 135A, 2.5V @ 85A sounds unhealthy. I've seen small
capacitors the size of your thumbnail make holes in ceilings when
abused, I don't want to see what the four caps as thick as your arm and
about 10" long that construe most of the 11/750 PSU system will do when
being powered up in a (known) broken PSU setup after ~10 years storage.

What do I do? Do I get the PSUs rebuilt? (if such a service exists) Do I
order a new industrial PSU to supply these voltages/currents (plus
others, such as the +15 for the memory boards)? Do I buy 5 or 6 PC power
supplies and run their outputs in parallel with some nice heavy-gauge

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