Vax 4000/300 and Ultrix

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Sun Apr 14 20:40:55 2002

On April 14, Sridhar the POWERful wrote:
> > > Especially since that machine isn't Qbus. It's main bus is that 4300+
> > > PELE stuff.
> > True and false. ;-)
> > The machine has a QBus and therefore the CPU card has a QBus interface.
> > So it is a QBus VAX by my definition.
> > The CPU board is no QBus board like the KA630..KA660. It has a special
> > backplane connector and the (passive) backplane distributes the signals
> > from this connector to the QBus slots, the memory slots and DSSI drive
> > bays. So this is no QBus VAX by your definition.
> But that is not how I define it. The system bus of this machine is not
> Qbus, so the machine is not a Qbus machine.

  Why, because the memory isn't on the Qbus? The MicroVAX-II's memory
isn't on the Qbus either. The only other difference (in this context)
is the presence of a DSSI adapter on the CPU board that isn't
connected [logically] via the Qbus. Many systems have several busses.
Which do you use to define the "bus" of the machine?


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