TTL computing

From: ajp166 <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 09:13:23 2002

Xact, and older, much older version. I'd get the version number
but the termcap file is OTL and I'm working on something else
right now. That and a few bits provided by Tim olmstead to help
with simulation. He was the one that got me into using them.


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Date: Sunday, April 14, 2002 11:46 PM
Subject: Re: TTL computing

>Do these tools have names, Allison? My old DOS-based tool for FPGA
>development, from MMI, was called XACT, and that's what was intended for
>2000-series devices. A later version supported the 3000 series.
>Which tools do you use for developing both 2000 and 3000-series
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>> From: Richard Erlacher <>
>> >Which tools are you referring to, Allison?
>> OLD tools, as in dos based.
>> >I've found that the tools I once used with the old (pre-1990) 2064's,
>> don't
>> >work with the 3000-series, and, though I have some 3000-series parts
>> (which,
>> >back when I bought them, cost about $200 each) I've not figured out a
>> way to
>> >program them using the old XACT or the more recent "Foundation"
>> software.
>> >They clearly are no longer supported with current software.
>> Neither have I. I also have the Synario package too. They phased out
>> the tools for the 2064s a long time ago.
>I have Synario for the Atmel devices. It's a Windows-based tool based,
>think, on a tool set originally cooked up by Data I/O.
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