PDP-11/93 Console Pinout and model rev.

From: Jerome H. Fine <jhfinepw4z_at_compsys.to>
Date: Mon Apr 15 10:54:37 2002

>John Foust wrote:

> >At 12:35 AM 4/15/2002 -0400, Jerome H. Fine wrote:
> >(a) Create the CD with the files that the user wants to have under the
> >ISO file structure with ONE additional file which MUST be contained
> >within the first 32 MBytes or 16383 sectors (of 2048 bytes each) on
> >the CD. This additional file will be the RT-11 DSK file that I want
> >to be bootable.
> I was pleasantly surprised to see that Nero has an option
> (found by right-clicking on a file in the left pane) to
> set the priority of a file to low, medium or high, which
> affects the order in which it will be written to the CD.

Jerome Fine replies:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I had not yet been concerned
with that exact detail as yet, but I though it could be
a problem solved either by the order of selection or
via the name (alphabetical order).

This feature makes the selection VERY easy!!

> I worried that you'd need to buy a more expensive
> mastering program, or revert to an older program had
> that bell-and-whistle.

I was not too concerned, but it is really helpful to know about
the feature. One thing that I did not mention is that I will
need to do a bit of hand calculations and SIPP set up in the
directory which should NOT be very difficult for those
of us who get into the directory segments all the time for
other purposes. I presume that DOS/W95/W98 utilities
are available that can do the same thing, but RT-11 utilities
will serve just as well along with PUTR to initially create the
file which will be the BurnImage.DSK to be copied to the
CD media exactly as it appears.

Actually, I think it is a bit humorous that the solution to
setting up a multi-use file structure which will use the same
RT-11 DSK file (placed there in the ISO file structure using
the "Nero Burning" application software in the normal
manner under DOS/W95/W98 - actually, any of the
available application software can be used for the ISO
file structure portion) is the use of mostly standard RT-11
utilities. The only two changes will be:
DUP.SAV - must be modified to write block 65535
BINCOM - must be modified to read block 65535

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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