Goodbye VAX hello ALpha

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 14:16:42 2002

>Has anyone seen this news posting?

        Yes. Nothing particularly surprising
        about it. I doubt that anyone would pay
        very much for VAXen that old. It's
        probably not worth a reseller's while
        trying to make a business out of selling
        them on ebay.

        The only businesses that might be interested
        are those that have such a machine in a
        mission-critical environment and they want
        one for spares or theirs just blew up and they
        need a replacement *now*.

        The only VAX 4000's that might sell would be
        the very latest -705As and maybe a -700A.
        VAX 7000's might sell too. Good luck
        with anything older.

        Why buy a VAX now when an Alpha can almost
        certainly do the same job (for most jobs, that
        is) and run rings around it too?

        Now my point of view as a hobbyist, is
        entirely different. I want *both* VAXes
        and Alphas :-)

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