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Date: Mon Apr 15 17:56:38 2002

The delay in propagating a message is due to Sendmail, not solely to the
mailing list software, although the mailing list software can take steps
to avoid the problem in Sendmail. The issue is: if Sendmail is given a
list of N addresses, it spins off one process that then delivers to the
appropriate MX addresses one by one. Majordomo just makes one huge list.
So, if you're at the end of the list, your delay is long. Some other
MLM's (maybe MailMan is one of them -- I don't know) make lots of shorter
lists, so the deliveries happen more in parallel. If that's the case,
MailMan will improve your delivery times.


> > > > Would this improve the ~1 hour time it takes for me to see the
> > > > messages that I post to this list?
> > >
> > > I'm not shure if this is originated in the Mailinglist server.
> > > Over here I have some 20 seconds to 3 minutes (a few times up
> > > to 10 minutes). Looks more like your providers infrastructure.
> > >
> > It probably is Yale's fault, but what makes that hard to believe is
> > the fact the this list is the _only_ e-mail (list or person-to-person) that
> > has such a delay... Oh well, such is technology... :)
> All lists that I am/have been on that email crosses the pond and back
> have such a delay. Most of the UK-based ones are quicker, which is
> weird considering one can ping sites in the US with less than a hour's
> total trip time...
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