cure equiepement that was in the rain... best practices???

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 20:12:07 2002

On April 15, Doc wrote:
> > TLC it performs flawlessly). The water doesn't seem to do any harm at
> > all, even with long-term's the crap that the water can
> > carry into the equipment, and sometimes corrosion later on.
> So what can you do with accumulated mineal salts around component
> legs? Looks like tin "rust". I tried firm-but-gentle with a stiff
> toothbrush, and didn't get anywhere.
> I have that MV3100-90 board that I think just needs the corrosion,
> which I suspect is conductive, removed.

  I use Alconox, a trisodium phosphate based cleaner that's very
effective. I have a big pile of acid brushes...those little
pencil-sized brushes that go for about a dime a dozen. I think they
came from MSC, but I don't recall for sure. Their bristles are about
1" long by default, but you can easily trim them down to make them
much stiffer. They're good for scrubbing stuff like that...similar to
a toothbrush but easier to deal with.


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