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Date: Mon Apr 15 16:28:03 2002

> Yes, and they save on space and not only because of their size. You don't
> have to route unused inputs to Vcc or Gnd, and you don't have to accomodate
> the device pinout so much, since YOU get to decide what the order of the
> outputs and inputs will be, which facilitates layout.
> Dick


> > >
> > I think this was because they expected PAL's to replace TTL. CPLD's now
> > do that job.
> > But then with higher CPU speeds, PALs have been the work horse of
> > address decoding and glue logic enables.
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> > Ben Franchuk - Dawn * 12/24 bit cpu *

Well, I find PAL distasteful since these runs hot and some of them
had death spiral finally fries themselves to death.. I see that
fequently on 386 boards and ati wonder cga.

So hot that 6 PALs made brown spots on that ati wonder card then
card dies, I see that frequently on many of those. :-P

And if PAL dies, not possible to repair yet I knew some can be
pulled to make copies if maker didn't burn fuse to protect contents.
Wrong way to discharging CRT in compact Macs fries two of 6 PALs.
Same PAL parts in 128, 512 and Plus.

I'm glad PALs went away when late 386 and late 486 boards came.
Still, knew some other makers are still using PALs.


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