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From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Mon Apr 15 21:43:36 2002

Tony Duell wrote:

> However, there's also a difference between 'not suporting' and
> 'preventing others from supporting'. I don't expect Philips or Intel to
> sell me an 8051 cross-assembler for linux (or for RT11, or...). But I can
> take the published datasheets and write an assembler. The information is
> there (opcode map, etc). But in the case of PLDs not only will the
> manufacturers not sell me software for my choice of OS (reasonable), they
> also won't provide the information to let me (or others) write that software.
I may go back to TTL ( but not sure yet ) because too the only
programing platform is windows ver ??? and 5 years down the road when I
want to do a upgrade, the software to program my computer is 1) not
around 2) will not run on my machine 3) require 1253 meg of crap to run,
4) will need a new license.

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