Download CD images for RSX-11 and RT-11 Freeware CDs from Tim Shoppa

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 08:55:58 2002

>"William R. Buckley" wrote:

> Over the past year, I have sent several messages to Tim Shoppa
> requesting a set of CD ROMs containing the offerings of his at
> the web site,, yet to date I have not received
> the requested material. I have also sent email to Tom directly
> but, he has not answered. Is there some extenuating circumstance
> of which others on this list are more familiar than I?
> William R. Buckley, Director Emeritus
> International Core Wars Society

Jerome Fine replies:

It took a week of trying, but I have finally downloaded all three CD
images for RSX-11 and RT-11 from:
Note also that the file MD5SUMS seems to contain checksum
values, but I don't know how to use these values or produce them
myself to check if my files are correct. Can anyone help?

The best time seems to be at night. Please realize that these are
650 MByte files and will take many hours in most cases, let alone
a whole day (or three) if you do not have a high speed connection
like DSL.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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