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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 10:02:49 2002

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> I've no idea how easy it would be, I've never tried to take
> my drive apart.
> As for making a 'sleave', I don't think you could without one
> to go by (even
> then I'm not sure). The worst part is the caddies for this
> drive are rare
> as hens teeth!

Well, I haven't tried taking it apart either, but it may be worth
mentioning specifically that when you put the clear "sleeve" back
into the drive, it almost certainly releases some kind of catch
which allows it to lock onto the "cd-holding-insert-thing" and pull
the whole thing back out.

I would try to find that catch, which is most likely off to the
one side or the other (just a guess, since that's probably where
I'd put it...), or directly above or below the disk. (like built
into the spindle that turns the CD somehow...)

If you can get to it, and release it, you ought to be able to pull
the disc out.

Otherwise, yes, the caddies are kind of difficult to find, but
I have two (one for each drive), so you can probably get them.


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