Truck full of DEC in Illinois.

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 10:18:24 2002

> Just saw this on an eBay page,
> "Reliable Computer Services,Inc.
> Since 1985. We have a warehouse FULL of older DEC spare
> parts. If you would like to visit our 8,800 sq ft warehouse, please
> call for an appointment.
> We will not let you leave without your arms, car, van, or SEMI-TRAILER
> FULL!! LIQUIDATION in progress!!
> Call Patrick Lind at 815-838-0134 or Email RELCOMSER"
> Sounds like fun for those in the area.
> They aren't penny-a-pound, but they sound motivated
> and I've dealt with them before.
> John A.

Yep, I've dealt with them a few times as well. They are expensive. Which
doesnt stop me from using them of course, but it might stop you.

-Lawrence LeMay
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